Sunday, June 14, 2015

The 26 Titan Principles by Robin Sharma

  1. To lead a giant life, begin with giant thoughts.
  2. Greatness begins beyond your comfort zone.
  3. To have a life very few have, do the things few will do.
  4. The marketplace always rewards mastery.
  5. To become a 20x better person, set - and execute - a 20x larger vision
  6. Your performance rises to the level of your associations.
  7. Great projects are produced via great passion (not cold logic).
  8. Dreams (and ideas) are worthless without execution that is absolutely relentless.
  9. Your life reflects what you’ve settled for.
  10. It’s not only your opportunity but your responsibility to achieve rare-air success.
  11. Excuses are liars.
  12. Fears are thieves.
  13. Be a champion versus a cynic, an encourager versus a critic.
  14. To have an amazing company, develop an amazing team.
  15. Your work is your craft. Your life is your art.
  16. Generosity breeds victory.
  17. To make millions, help millions.
  18. Focus is more valuable than intelligence.
  19. The future belongs to the misfits, oddballs and visionaries.
  20. If it’s not messy, it’s not true progress.
  21. Take care of the relationship and the money will take care of itself.
  22. Success loves the persistent.
  23. The quality of your practice defines the caliber of your performance.
  24. Impact is more lucrative than income.
  25. Nothing changes until your mission becomes your obsession.
  26. Safe is boring. Daring is hip.

... via FB - Robin Sharma