Monday, October 28, 2013

IP MAN’s Code of Conduct

  • Remain disciplined.
  • Uphold yourself ethically as a martial artist.
  • Be respectful and honest.
  • Serve your community and honor your family.
  • Love your fellow students and classmates.
  • Be united and avoid conflict.
  • Limit your pursuits of bodily pleasure.
  • Preserve the proper attitude.
  • Train diligently and make it a habit.
  • Cultivate your skill.
  • Learn to be calm.
  • Don’t participate in arguments and fights.
  • Co-operate with people.
  • Be civilized and gentle in your manners.
  • Help the weak.
  • Use your fighting ability for the good of humanity.
  • Pass on our traditions.
  • Promote our art and its code of conduct.